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    Two ambulances fully equipped and manned for your fast and safe transportation.
    We are at your disposal with all the well-trained medical and nursing staff 24 hours a day
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    An outpatient service is available for your appointments from 8am to 11pm
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    • Monday - Friday
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Welcome to our Clinic

Since 1957, we've been next to you for any healthcare emergency

ATTIKO THERAPEYTIRIO was founded in 1957 and operates until today, with multiple building and technological upgrades. It is developing with the aim of timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with the assistance of specialized medical and nursing staff.

  • We offer solutions accessible to every patient as well as outpatients for the early diagnosis and treatment of health problems, aiming at the constantly upgraded medical and nursing care.
  • Our priority is the timely, accurate diagnosis and treatment of any health care emergency for our patients.
  • Our goal is to establish a relationship based on trust for the health of each patient, either hospitalized or externally, treating at all levels on a case-by-case basis, giving the most immediate and best possible solutions according to the latest advances in medicine and  nursing science.

For any emergency, just call us on 210-8225411Or send us your message

Here, your health matters...

Medical specialists of all specialties with exceptional backgrounds collaborate with our clinic with the sole aim of safe and on time treatment of your health problems

    • Intensive care unit

      Intensive care unit

      Intensive care units of our clinic include surgical and pathological sectors.

    • Pathological Sector

      Pathological Sector

      The pathological sector of ATTIKO THERAPEYTIRIO fully covers all the specialties concerning pathological issues

    • Diagnostic departments

      Diagnostic departments

      In ATTIKO THERAPEFTIRIO, patients are served daily in the fully equipped diagnostic departments of the clinic.

    • Special Units

      Special Units

      Special Units of our clinic include artificial kidney unit and outside medical offices

    • Outside medical offices

      Outside medical offices

      In our clinic, on a daily basis there are outside clinics of many specialties.

The finest medical and nursery services

In ATTIKO THERAPEYTIRIO our patients comes first

We fully commit to our patients, the people who trust their health in our hands. We ensure maximum quality in your hospitalization.

  • Specialized doctors
  • Fully equipped ambulances
  • Hospitalization of all specialities
  • 24/7 services
  • Online appointments
  • Covering any kind of insurance
  • Economic hospitalization packages
  • Clean and healthy environment