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ATTIKO THERAPEFTIRIO – DIAGNOSTIC THERAPEUTIC CENTER has been there for you for many years, providing solutions accessible to every patient as well as outpatients for the early diagnosis and treatment of health problems, aiming at the constantly upgraded medical and nursing care.

ATTIKO THERAPYTIRIO was founded in 1957 and operates until today, with multiple building and technological upgrades. It is developing with the aim of timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with the assistance of specialized medical and nursing staff.

Our core values

Our goals and prioritises

By prioritizing the timely, accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the patient’s problems. We have been around for many years with your health problems.

Our goal is to establish a trust relationship for the health of each patient, either hospitalized or externally, treating at all levels on a case-by-case basis, giving the most immediate and best possible solutions according to the latest advances in medicine, nursing science.

Our function is based on:

  • On the modern and continuous upgraded facilities
  • On the latest generation of diagnostic and surgical equipment
  • On the excellent and high-standard medical and nursing staff, being close to each patient-companion
  • On partnership with all public insurance authorities/funds

We fully cover your treatment

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Let your treatment to our hands

Department of Daily Hospitalization

In the Daily Hospitalization Department, patients are admitted to the clinic to perform diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical examinations, which require a short stay and follow-up of the patient in the clinic.

The patient is admitted in the morning, the clinical laboratory examination follows and is then taken to the appropriate section. After the end of the medical operations he remains in the respective section for a few hours, for his secure monitoring and then he exits.