• Intensive care unit

      Intensive care unit

      Intensive care units of our clinic include surgical and pathological sectors.

    • Pathological Sector

      Pathological Sector

      The pathological sector of ATTIKO THERAPEYTIRIO fully covers all the specialties concerning pathological issues

    • Surgical Sector

      Surgical Sector

      In the state-of-the-art surgical rooms, a whole range of surgical, orthopedic, gynecological, urology, plastic surgery etc. can be safely and accurately performed.

    • Diagnostic departments

      Diagnostic departments

      In ATTIKO THERAPEFTIRIO, patients are served daily in the fully equipped diagnostic departments of the clinic.

    • Special Units

      Special Units

      Special Units of our clinic include artificial kidney unit and outside medical offices

    • Outside medical offices

      Outside medical offices

      In our clinic, on a daily basis there are outside clinics of many specialties.