Attiko Therapeftirio

By prioritizing the timely, accurate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the patient's problems. We have been around for many years with your health problems.

Diagnostic Departments

In ATTIKO THERAPEFTIRIO, patients are served daily either by individuals or by their insurance provider in the fully equipped diagnostic departments of the clinic.

In our departments, examinations are conducted using the most modern methods and reagents for safe and valid diagnosis.

Our diagnostic departments have contracts with all insurance funds (EOPYY etc.)

Computed Tomography

With the new technology tomography machine TOSHIBA 64-Axis, with a high-resolution image and minimization of the test time, the entire range of examinations is covered.

Our computed tomography also supports the following examinations:

  • Bloodless coronary angiography
  • Computed Bronchoscopy
  • Computed Colonoscopy
  • Computed Pyelography/item]
  • Computed angiography

Department of Cardiological Ultrasound Scans

The cardiology ultrasound section covers the diagnostic examination of internal and external patients, most of them with contracts with the insurance funds (EOPYY)

The department is run by specialized and experienced medical and nursing staff.



  • Ultrasound-Triplex Heart
  • 24 hour electrocardiographic rhythm recording
  • 24-hour electrocardiographic pressure recording (HOLTER)

Department of Radiodiagnosis

The department is fully modernized and equipped with a radiological machine, of absolute precision and clarity.

It also operates C-arm, for immediate control and solution of every radiological problem in the Surgery. A portable Philips X-ray machine also works to cover inpatient patients.

Department of experts and Angiological Investigations

The department has contracts with all insurance funds and is specialized in areas such as conventional Ultrasound Investigation, ultrasound scans of abdominal organs Liver-Bile ducts-Pancreas-Spleen-Kidneys-Bladder-Prostate-Inside genital organs, ultrasound scans of thyroid gland-parathyroid gland-tracheal-parotid gland-subunit glands, breast ultrasound scans, ultrasound scans of soft-musculoskeletal tissues, ultrasound scans of the scrotum and intervaginal ultrasound scans of the inside genital organs.

Angiological Ultrasound Investigation (Triplex)

  • Carotid spine arteries
  • Upper and lower limb arteries
  • Abdominal aorta-iliac arteries
  • Upper and lower vein branches
  • Artery-vein anastomosis (Fistula)
  • Compact and surface organs

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